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(Plugin for Blender 3d)

    September 26, 2005: New version 2.1 available. The new changes include working in Blender CVS and hopefully 2.40, a gui that adjusts to the aspect ratio of the window it is in, scrolling with the arrow keys, retaining of material indices, and the ability to assign different material indices to protrusion and doodad sides and tops. The tutorial will be updated soon.

    This page is dedicated to a plugin that I have written for Blender 3d. Discombobulator aims to be similar to Tom Hudson's Greeble plugin for 3ds-Max. Discombobulator has a few extra features (not that significant though) but also lacks some (like operation on triangles). This script will add random geometry to an existing mesh to "add" detail. It is basically a random surface detail generator, but works great for quick spaceship hulls, high tech corridors, etc. There is a quick render that I made with this scriptjust to demonstrate what it does: Discombobulated.

    To find out more information about this script (and to see a screenshot), you can go to the Mini-Tutorial.

Download it here (~13219 bytes; zip file):
Just extract the zip file and place the *.py files in your .blender/scripts directory for Linux users, and whatever the equivalent is for any other OS.
If you have any questions or comments, preferably post at this elYsiun thread. If you can't for some reason, you may e-mail me.